Cyclists have started circling buses and cars across south-east London, forcing them to slow down and stop driving.

Hazel Baker, from Greenwich Peninsula, caught this footage on August 5 of at least 20 children and teenagers cycling around a bus she was on.

Hazel said: “I was coming from the O2 towards the Odeon on the bus towards Bexleyheath.

“I was sat right behind the driver and I saw a kid on a bike riding towards traffic on the other side of the road. I got up to tell the driver and then I saw all these kids on their bikes.

“They are not just children, there are also adults in the mix. I counted about 20 of them.”

Hazel said she was told it was part of a “new craze” called Bikestormz where groups of young people gather to cycle together through the streets.

This isn’t the first time Hazel saw this happen as a couple of days prior she spotted a swarm of cyclists surround cars on the way into Blackwall Tunnel.

“There was a number of kids on their bikes and drivers had to stop. They were getting out of their cars and shouting at them.

“They just cycled off pleased as punch that they managed to shock people.

“They are putting other people’s lives at risk and their own. It’s not just people getting injured, cars were damaged as they were circling.”

Other people have reported seeing the bike swarms with cyclists riding together in front of cars and pulling wheelies in Bexley and Dartford too.

Danni Mattin wrote on Facebook: "I see kids doing it everywhere around Dartford. Worst part is, they know they can get away with it because people will have to slow down so they don't got them and they find it hilarious."

Kathleen Scutts wrote on Facebook: "I had this last week in Erith all I could do was poodle on behind them and keep my brake covered in case they stopped or swerved."