Police in north Kent are urging residents to watch out for fraudsters after two men posed as police officers to steal money.

Two men knocked on a house in Hall Road, Dartford, and claimed they were from the police.

The victim, a woman in her 70s, was told the 'police' had arrested her husband on suspicion of handling fake money and he was in a police car parked nearby.

Fraudsters flashed a black folded card claiming it was identification and the woman let them in her house. She was then pressured into handing cash over to the two men.

Acting Inspector David Crompton, of Dartford’s community safety unit, said: "While most people who call at our homes are genuine, unfortunately there are some who lie about their identity in order to trick their way inside in order to steal valuables and money.

"Please be wary about allowing strangers into your property when there is any doubt as to who they are.

"Remember that if Kent Police officers do visit, they will often be in uniform, will always carry identification and will be more than happy for people to call 101 to check they are who they claim to be.

"Remember also that people from water, gas and electricity companies also rarely visit without appointments. Do not let anyone in who does not have an appointment or genuine, verified ID".

The theft happened on Thursday July 13.

The two thieves are described as being white and aged between late 40s to early 50s.

One of the suspects was described as having dark hair and wearing dark rimmed glasses and wearing rubber gloves.

The other suspect was described as having a large build and balding hair and both men are described as wearing black trousers and white shirts.

Kent Police have issued some tips for stopping this sort of crime including locking back doors and windows before answering the front door and using a spyhole and chain before opening your door.

Police have also said it is important to shut the front door if you need to get something or, if in doubt, ask strangers to come back at a more convenient time when someone else can be in the house with you.

Anyone with information surrounding the theft can call Kent Police on 01634 792209 quoting reference 13-0401.

Alternatively contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.