The father of murdered Stephen Cameron is calling on the government to block killer Kenneth Noye’s move to an open prison.

Career criminal Noye, who is now 70, is serving a life sentence for the 1996 murder of Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron, an electrician from Dartford, was knifed in the back by Noye on an M25 slip road near Swanley.

The victim was 21 when he was attacked and Noye was convicted in April 2000 to serve life with a minimum term of 16 years.

Earlier this month Noye, originally from Bexleyheath, was recommended by the Parole Board to be moved to an open prison.

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His father, Ken Cameron, told The Sun he fears Noye will disappear in an open prison.

He told the paper: “I am totally gutted. It’s devastating.

“I just hope the new justice secretary David Lidington does the right thing and is strong enough to block this recommendation.

“If Noye goes to an open prison he will just disappear – no doubt about it.

“I’m sure he’ll have money stashed away and he’ll vanish from an open prison to live out the rest of his days somewhere.

“Our Stephen didn’t get a chance of a life. His fiancée had to change her identity and move away from us and her family. We have all lived a life sentence.

“He should die in prison, and I hope he does.”

MORE: M25 killer Kenneth Noye is recommended for a move to an open prison

Confirming the decision earlier this month, the Parole Board said: “A three member panel of the Parole Board has not directed the release of Kenneth Noye, however they have recommended that he be transferred to open conditions.”

Scotland Yard detective John Fordham was stabbed to death in the grounds of Noye's 10-bedroom mansion in West Kingsdown in 1985.

Noye was charged with murder but cleared on a majority verdict after the jury decided he acted in self-defence.