Who are the people who make you proud to be from south-east London? Not celebrities, actors or sports stars, but those normal people who do fantastic work for the local community.

This is our chance to celebrate these people who through their efforts are making life better for people who are not well off, and through their actions make the world a happier, safer and better place.

Margaret and Barry Mizen

News Shopper: Margaret and Barry Mizen

When Lewisham teen Jimmy Mizen was murdered in a Lee bakery in 2008, his parents decided the best way they could help would be to set up a group to tackle youth violence.

Now in 2017, the foundation For Jimmy is going stronger than ever, holding fundraisers and events to interact with young people in south east London and try to help reduce youth violence.

Margaret and Barry Mizen believe that tackling anger and violence amongst young people won’t be solved by harsher punishments but by interacting with young people to understand the root causes of the issues.

Avril Hitman

News Shopper: Avril Hitman at a Magpies dance class

Avril set up a dance studio 32 years ago for people with mental disabilities because she noticed there were no such facilities for people in south east London on March 22.

32 years later and Magpies, the dance studio set up by the Chislehurst hero, now supports 3,000 from ages eight to 80 annually.

It is a struggle to keep the dance studio open after all these years but Avril’s work has been commended with a BEM last year.

Keith Palmer

News Shopper: Floral tributes to Keith Palmer outside the Palace of Westminster. Photo: PA Wire

Unlike the other people on this list, PC Keith Palmer wasn’t doing anything charitable. He was just doing his job when he was confronted by a terrorist wielding a knife.

The 48-year-old officer tried to stop the Dartford-born terrorist Khalid Masood and was killed in his efforts, even though he was wearing a stab vest.

Tributes flooded in for the “brave and courageous” policeman and Charlton supporter and his work and dedication has been commemorated in numerous ways since his death.

Niall Lester

News Shopper: Niall Lester

The real-life Dr Dolittle started rescuing animals when he was young and it has gradually grown over the years.

Now 35-years-old, the Abbey Wood man is still helping animals on death row and creatures with specific medical needs.

His sanctuary has pigs, cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys, even skunks as people abandon exotic animals when they realise they can’t take care of them.

‘Bromley Batman’

News Shopper: Photo: BBC

Not Adam West and not Christian Bale, because on the streets of Bromley there lies a vigilante hero fighting crime in his own superhero costume.

The ‘Bromley Batman’ (although he would prefer to be known as ‘The Shadow’ as he has fought crime across south London) has saved multiple people from muggers.

Active since 2015, sightings of the masked crime fighter have been sporadic but witnesses all describe him as having the same features, with his deep voice and well-groomed beard.

Jonjo Heurman

News Shopper: Jonjo Heurman. Picture: @jonjoheurman

By the time Jonjo was only 13 years old, he had raised over £200,000 for cancer research and had been named on the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

The Wilmington teen dribbled a ball from Southend to West Ham United’s football ground, cycled 700 miles covering all of the Premier League football clubs in England, before returning to London to take part in a 50 mile walk to visit the remaining London Premier League clubs.

Jonjo has taken part in these and numerous other cancer research charity events in memory of his nan and Bobby Moore.

Clinton Walsh

News Shopper: Clinton Walsh

Firefighters in London are in general a long string of heroes and it feels unfair to single out any individual, so we shall say Clinton Walsh is here to represent all firefighters and their daily acts of heroism.

In Clinton’s case, he wasn’t even on duty when he saved an Irish man over in London on St Patrick’s Day after he suddenly stopped breathing on March 19 this year.

The Beckenham and Biggin Hill Station Manager saved the man when his eyes started rolling into the back of his head and he lived, able to return home.

Sally and Colin Knox

News Shopper: Sally Knox

Harry Potter actor Rob Knox was just 18 years old when he was murdered outside the Metro Bar in Sidcup in May 2008.

Since then his family have been working incredibly hard with the Rob Knox Foundation to tackle street violence and raise money for the cause.

One of their biggest successes has been the Rob Knox Film Festival, held each year in Bexleyheath and always attracts a capacity audience.