Signs by the Woolwich Foot Tunnel implore you not to cycle but what would happen if anyone from the council decided to enforce that law?

The answer: You would get fined a grand total of £1.

The reason is because the tunnel is governed by century-old bye-laws and were set to the wage standard at the time.

In 1912 when the bye-laws were set, the average skilled workman’s wage was at around £2 per week, so a £1 fine would set someone back considerably.

Today people cycle through Woolwich Foot Tunnel all the time, with around 1.5 million cyclists passing through the tunnels each year.

Greenwich Council have said previously that there are no records of anybody being prosecuted for breaching the bye-laws.

Given that cyclists frequently use the tunnel and the laws aren’t enforced, Greenwich Council are looking to discard the old bye-laws entirely.

At a cabinet meeting on July 12, the council agreed they would amend the old bye-laws to allow cyclists to use the tunnels and not fine them £1 for their misdemeanour.

Ratifying the law will take a while as any changes need to also be approved by Newham and Tower Hamlets council first as well as the Secretary of State.

In the meantime, you technically can still be fined £1 for cycling through Woolwich Foot Tunnel. Nobody will enforce it though so you are probably safe.