An army-inspired dance performance came to Woolwich at the former heart of Britain’s military complex.

The Rosie Kay Dance Company performed a 25-minute outdoor version of Five Soldiers at the bombed out St George’s Garrison Church opposite Woolwich Barracks on July 7-8.

Choreographer Rosie Kay developed the show after spending time with The 4th Battalion The Rifles and the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre for our Armed Forces

She said: “It’s such a pleasure to bring out unique version of 5 Soldiers to GDIF this weekend. We’ve done outdoor shows in the past; in the street, shopping centres, outside Army bases, but once I heard what the location was going to be, I had a serious re-think.

“Dancing a work about war in a bomb-destroyed church has real meaning and power.”

Dancer Reece Causton said, “Talking to the troops and seeing them at work is incredibly valuable, it’s gold dust. As dancers, we absorb it all, so the movements and way they interact all comes out in our performance.”