Plans for up to 190 homes at The Bridge in Dartford have been submitted to the council’s planning department.

It’s the latest part of a large development by Prologis UK that includes plans for education, sports facilities, employment and a science park.

The land, just off junction 1 on the M25, is about 2km north-east of Dartford town centre and was previously occupied by the Joyce Green Hospital in the west and Littlebrook Lakes in the east.

The homes will be primarily two-storey and three-storey houses, with a maximum of 30 per cent of them being part of apartment blocks.

Prologis UK have said their plan for The Bridge will retain wildlife habitat and three freshwater lakes, all of which are linked by a network of footpaths and cycle ways.

The plans were received by Dartford Council’s planning department on May 26 and the latest date at which the council must respond is September 7.

However not everyone is pleased about the new proposals and a few locals have already submitted their objections to the new plans.

Mark Read said: “The area has far exceeded capacity. Parking, local roads, public transport, schools, doctor’s surgeries are all struggling and failing to meet the existing need. There is no more room.

Julie Hurst said: “I feel no more homes should be built on the Bridge without more infrastructure put in place by Kent County Council.

“There already is a severe need for more primary school places and a doctor's surgery. New homes are sold with no consideration given to these factors.”