JUNKYARDS will never seem the same again after you’ve witnessed the enthralling spectacle of Junkyard Circus.

The Aircraft Circus production follows a band of unlikely bedfellows as they find and build the elements they need to put on a show within a show.

Each character has their own storyline that explores their relationship and love triangles that emerge when living and working in the junkyard.

And within this are dazzling routines mixing acrobatics, aerial arts and comedy – all blended with the scrap of our throwaway society.

Junkyard Circus is the intermediate course students’ final ensemble show and comes after a very special summer circus cabaret – entitled Summer Scratch.

The brightest and best from the Aircraft Circus family will be showing off their fun, raw, sexy and daring acts – along with a compere and great soundtrack.

Aircraft Circus Summer Shows, June 23 to 25, Aircraft Circus, 'The Hangar', Unit 7A, Mellish House, Harrington Way, Woolwich, Tickets £5 to £15.

For more details visit aircraftcircus.com