Workers in Bexley are being asked for their opinions on the new council tax scheme to be introduced by the council.

The scheme looks at less financial support given for families with more than two children and whether people who are actively looking for employment should receive council tax reduction help.

Under the new scheme, people in Bexley under the age of 21 would not be able to claim for assistance due to their younger age, which is what is in place currently.

Pensioners could receive support of up to 100 per cent of their council tax bill as the government decided that pensionable age claimants must receive no less than they have under the old scheme.

A consultation is being held by Bexley Council to see what locals, landlords and voluntary and welfare organisations think of the new scheme, regardless of whether they receive benefits.

The proposals will directly affect all those of working age who currently claim help from the council tax reduction scheme, and anyone of working age who pays Council Tax now and might wish to claim support in the future should their circumstances change.

For details of the scheme, visit Paper copies are also available at all Bexley libraries.

To give you views on the scheme, go to