Plans to transform Blackfen town centre will commence later this month, Bexley Council have announced.

Work to enhance surrounding public areas at Gloucester Parade and at the junction of Blackfen Road and Days Lane is set to commence on June 26.

Initial improvements will begin on June 19 but are said to have a ‘minimal impact’.

The timeline of the project will be approximately eight weeks, and include repaving and resurfacing the land in front of Gloucester Parade as well as the pavement around the Days Lane junction.

In addition to trees being planted to boost the appearance of the area to give it a more ‘town centre feel’, public spaces will also be improved to improve pedestrian visibility and maximise safety.

The project aims to regenerate the shopping area around Blackfen town centre by improving on its existing design and increasing both vehicle and pedestrian access.

This aims to maximise trading potential for businesses and enhance its attraction to both residents and visitors.

Cllr Linda Bailey, Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Growth, said: “This is good news for those living and working in Blackfen. We want the local community to benefit from the increased trade that this will bring to the area.”

How it will affect traffic

No parking will be available on the service road in front of shops that sit along Gloucester Parade, as it will be closed throughout the entire eight weeks, but will re-open to regularised parking once completed.

Days Lane will also be partially closed, preventing southbound access from Blackfen Road, towards the end of the works in mid-July although northbound traffic is said to be unaffected.

Signs will be provided for diverting southbound traffic.

As some footpaths may be partially closed during the works, alternatives will be made for pedestrians.

Local businesses and amenities will be maintained throughout, with all businesses continuing their usual opening hours.

London Borough of Bexley apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may result during the improvement work. The team can be contacted on 020 8303 7777.

Please ask to speak with a member of the Engineering Services. Alternatively email