Pupils have been warned to avoid walking home alone or through wooded areas after two students were reportedly assaulted in Orpington.

In a letter to parents, Darrick Wood Secondary School headteacher Martin Airey said there have been two assaults on pupils on their way to school and the perpetrators are "still at large."

The most recent incident, the letter said, happened on a footpath exiting Sparrow Wood and the suspect is a man.

Dr Airey wrote: "There have now been two very unfortunate incidents this year involving pupils from Darrick Wood who have been assaulted on their way into school.

"The police have been involved but to my knowledge the perpetrators are still at large. We are advising pupils to choose the safest routes into school, wherever possible avoiding shortcuts along footpaths and through the woods. They should also try not to travel alone but with friends."

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In a second email sent out yesterday afternoon he wrote: "I am sure you will be very concerned by my communication earlier. Having spoken to the police again today the advice remains the same.

"Students should refrain from short-cuts through any of the nearby woods and try to stick to main roads even if that means walking further. They should also try to be in a group wherever possible. The most recent incident occurred on a footpath exiting Sparrow Wood and the perpetrator was an adult male."

News Shopper has contacted the school and police in Bromley.