A man who threatened a bus driver with a syringe until he was pushed away by a passenger with a walking stick has been jailed.

Kieran Humphreys, 33, of no fixed address, got on a bus at New Ash Green on May 1 and paid the fare to Dartford.

When the bus reached Darenth, Humphreys threatened the driver with a syringe, telling him that the needle was dirty.

Humhreys took £13.20 from the bus takings and approximately three pounds in loose change from the bus driver’s pocket.

But when he tried the same trick again on a bus at Fleet Estate in Dartford on May 9, he faced a stubborn driver and a passenger armed with a walking stick.

The driver was able to hold Humphreys’ arms to avoid being stabbed and a passenger helped him by pushing the attacker with a walking stick.

Humphreys did not get any money and got off the bus shouting that he had a knife.

Police officers examined CCTV footage and were able to identify Humphreys who was arrested on May 13.

He pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted robbery and was handed a five year prison sentence at Woolwich Crown Court on June 8.

Detective Constable Rob Sircar said: “Humphreys threatened to stab the two bus drivers with a dirty syringe - a despicable act to steal a relatively small amount of money.

“Many residents of Dartford depend on the local bus service and the drivers should be able to go about their business without fear of being attacked.

“His actions caused the victims considerable fear I would like to commend them for their courage and the witnesses for their support throughout the investigation.”