A review into the performance of the litter police in Dartford will be carried out, following the broadcast of a BBC documentary.

Kingdom works in the borough to tackle littering problems but following a Panorama investigation into the performance of workers in Bexley there have been calls for the council to act.

Dartford Council leader Jeremy Kite confirmed there will be a review into the company on the heels of Monday’s documentary.

Speaking to News Shopper, he said: “It was outrageous and it would be complacent of me not to look into this.

“I think it is important to remember that it is not just Kingdom, it is also down to the councils who control them.

“We planned a review in February but this will be brought forward. We want to have independent people on the panel, independent thinkers so the public can trust their questions based on Panorama will be answered.”

The documentary showed Kingdom officers apparently using tactics such as pretending to phone the police to get people to pay their fine.

It also suggested officers were given a financial incentive to get more tickets.

A statement from Kingdom in the documentary said the allowance was discretionary and only given to employees if they meet all their basic competencies.

During the episode, a statement from Kingdom said: "It is important members of the public know what could happen if they are convicted at court. Any decision to prosecute alleged offenders is made by the local authority, not Kingdom."

Cllr Kite said questions about financial incentives need to be asked.

He said: “I don’t have any reason to defend Kingdom nor do I have an axe to grind, we need to ask the important questions but make sure no one is unfairly criticised.

“We want the public to have their questions heard and to ask the important ones.

“However, they are there for a reason, to stop people who litter, to stop people who leave dog poo and to stop people dropping cigarette butts.”

Labour in Dartford has called for Kingdom officers to be taken off the streets until a review has been carried out.

Other councils in Kent including Ashford and Maidstone have reportedly removed Kingdom from the streets while a review takes place.

In a statement given to the News Shopper, a Kingdom spokesman said: "In the areas Kingdom provides its services, it has seen cleaner and safer streets in the community.

"In some cases, Kingdom has reduced its patrols because of the reduction in littering and dog-fouling in the community.

"Kingdom has different models for local authorities; it is a decision for each local authority which model it decides to adopt.

"Kingdom expects high standards of integrity and conduct from all its Enforcement Officers."