The first garden city to be built in 100 years has opened new homes as part of Redrow's "Heritage Collection" to the public as things get on track for its full opening.

Ebbsfleet Garden city, a major development project in Dartford, is set to open 15,000 new homes in the area with 80 already sold by Redrow.

A ceremony was held to mark the opening of the first set of show homes in Redrow's Heritage Collection as plans for a full opening start to take shape in September.

Jeremy Kite, leader of Dartford council, said the development proves people do want to live in the area.

He said: “The challenge is to make it a community. It is proving to have quality housing, but it’s the same issues as always; we need to have the school places, health service and roads to support it.

“We also want to make it somewhere everyone can live, not a gated community for the elite. It needs to be aspirational for everyone.

“At the moment, it is going well and going on the right track. There is a new primary school that has been approved to open in September as well.”

The city was announced in 2014 with George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, injecting £300m into the project.

The school will accept 420 pupils later this year.

The first phase of 180 homes, developed by Redrow, is well underway with the development on schedule.

A spokesman for Redrow said there will be neighbourhood food store, places for sport and recreation, allotments, a park and a primary school.

The opening of these homes is a major milestone in the progress of the development.

Chris Lilley, Redrow South East’s managing director as well as the Mayor Elect of Dartford, councillor Rosanna Currans attended the ceremony.

The garden city comes at the same time as other major planning projects including the Paramount Resort and a Bluewater expansion