A van driver from Barnehurst has had to replace cables under his motor three times in little over a year because foxes keep chewing through them.

Steve Davis, of Beverly Road, bought his Ford Transit van in March 2016 and says he has had an astonishing problem.

The interior specialist said foxes are attracted to something underneath his van that they can’t help but chew through.

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He said: “Something in the wiring looms is attractive and tasty to the foxes. I have had repairs done but almost straight away they have chewed through them again.”

Steve, 33, said he got it repaired once, and then two weeks later found the same thing had happened again.

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He said: “It is only the van, I have three other cars on my driveway and I have never had this problem before.

“It is not covered by Ford’s warranty.”

A similar problem has previously been reported by News Shopper involving a Crayford tradesman also had his cables vandalised by foxes.

Ford states in its warranty that factors beyond Ford control are not included in the cover.

Steve said he has had to pay £180 on fox deterrents to keep the animals away from the van.

He said: “At least that has worked so far!”

It's not just cables that foxes have a craving for - we've also reported on them chewing on tyres. See this story from 2013 and video below.