Players will be competing in front of massive crowds at the O2 Arena this weekend by playing a phone game.

The event will see players from both Europe and North America travel to play at the iconic venue in front of a live audience.

Teams will be competing in the video game Vainglory, a mobile game for iOS and Android in which teams of three players pick heroes and fight each other to destroy each other’s base.

There is a huge amount of money in esports, even for a phone game like Vainglory, whose creators Super Evil handed out $120,000 (£920,000) in prize money last year alone.

The entire esports industry as a whole is estimated to be worth over £887m by the end of 2017, with £687m of that coming via sponsorship and advertising.

Plenty of tournaments have been held in stadiums, including this June at the Wembley Arena where at least 3,000 people will watch teams compete in the first-person-shooter game Counter Strike.

Locals will likely be cheering for London-based team Fnatic and their UK player Alessandro ‘Palmatoro’ Palmarini (their other two players are Germans).

The tournament, officially called the Vainglory Spring 2017 Unified Championships, will be on from May 19-21 in Building 6 at the O2 Arena.

Tickets cost £15 for the three-day pass and includes giveaways and gifts for entrants.