Tensions are already being strained in schools across south London as schools prepare to make cuts.

We have already started to see some of these tensions boil over as teachers at two schools in Greenwich went on strike yesterday, April 20.

Children had the day off school as teachers from Plumstead Manor and Corelli College picketed outside the school in protest against proposed redundancies at the school.

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) picketed in the early morning, and plan to do so again the following week on April 25 and 26.

Richard Newton is a parent of children and both schools and has helped set up a support group for the school.

He said: “It’s not fair that many low paid staff, who provide some of the most vital support to pupils, are under threat of losing their jobs.

“A bigger picture is now emerging as other schools are having to fight cuts.

“Even though I will have to take a day’s leave, I fully support the action by staff. If they don’t make a stand now then who knows what cuts will be introduced in the future.”

However the question for these schools is whether the cuts they are having to make are due to wider Government cuts in the education budget.

In a statement to the press from Plumstead Manor School, they said that “like many schools, we face some financial challenges due to changes in school funding.”

Their message to parents about the industrial action went into further detail, explaining how the financial difficulties facing schools will only worsen over the coming year.

In a joint statement from Douglas Greig, head teacher, and Sue Le Bas, chair of governors, it said: “It is important to place what is happening at Plumstead Manor in the national context where many schools are facing financial difficulties.

“This is a situation that is only going to worsen for many other schools in the next 12 months.”

At Corelli College, staff were called into a meeting just two days before the Easter holidays to be told that up to 17 jobs were at risk.

A statement from Corelli College to parents said: “We are deeply saddened that strike action will be taken that will impact on the education of our students.

“The NUT have confirmed that they are taking industrial action in this region in relation to their dispute with the Government over pension, pay and workloads.”

Tony Aldis, a parent of a son at Corelli, said: “Every child in Greenwich deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams and these cuts, if they go through, will not allow the school and teachers to give the support and encouragement needed for that to happen.

“Teachers, headteachers and governors need to take action now or our children's education chances will suffer immensely. If the council or government are not listening then we need to make them and demand a future for our children.”

Martin Powell Davies, London Secretary of the NUT, said: “Schools are being starved of funding to meet the rising costs of pensions, National Insurance and now the apprentice levy as well.

“The proposed National Funding Formula will take a further cut to the budgets of most London schools.

“Our teachers who will be out on strike are taking this action to fight for jobs and courses, but also to raise awareness that Local Authorities, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the DfE all need to step in now to stop this growing crisis in our schools and make sure students get the 21st century education they deserve.”

The Government has said school funding is at its highest level on record at more than £40 billion in 2016-17.