A cafe raising money in the memory of murdered Lewisham teenager Jimmy Mizen has been broken into.

Good Hope Ladywell Fields was reportedly broken into and vandalised overnight on April 20.

Tiles were allegedly ripped from the roof, the door was smashed and the security gate was ripped off the wall, while petty cash was stolen from the till.

A statement posted on Facebook said: “Unfortunately, our Good Hope Ladywell Fields cafe was broken into again last night.

“Whoever did this was particularly determined; ripping tiles off the roof and attempting to rip bricks from the side wall.

“The new security gate eventually had its bolts yanked off the wall and access was gained to the front doors.

“Luckily, just a few pounds in petty cash was taken, with nothing else missing from the cafe. The front door window was smashed, however, there was no other damage inside.

“The sheer desperation and determination of the perpetrators is very alarming and perhaps highlights difficult times we are in for people to go to such efforts.”

The cafe was set up by For Jimmy, a charity that aims to prevent violence among young people and promote peace.

For Jimmy was established in memory of Lewisham teenager Jimmy Mizen, 16, who was murdered in a Lee bakery in 2008.

Jake Fahri, 19 at the time, was convicted of murdering the schoolboy with a glass dish at the Three Cooks Bakery in Burnt Ash Hill in May 2009.

The café’s statement, published on Facebook and Twitter, added: “Our determination to make this community safer and provide a space for everyone to enjoy in such a lovely park will not be stopped.

“We will not lose faith and will be back open tomorrow morning. Once again, thank you for your kind words of support through another difficult time. “