Youths in Greenwich have not been passing Go and instead jumping over the counter at McDonald's to steal Monopoly stickers.

Witnesses at the McDonald's in Charlton said they saw three young men with their faces covered take a Chance and rob the promotional items from behind the counter.

The Monopoly stickers are part of a promotional event in which stickers bearing the names of spaces on a classic Monopoly are provided when you order at one of their fast food outlets.

The stickers can be cashed in for big prizes, including cars and large amounts of cash, if people collect a set of the same colour.

The allure of these prizes was evidently too much for these youths who risked going straight to jail to get their hands on these stickers.

Eleanor Faye said that she saw the incident take place around midnight on April 13.

She wrote on Facebook: “Just saw three young lads with their faces covered jump the counter in the McDonalds at Charlton, terrifying the young girls behind the till, just to steal the Monopoly stickers.

“The manager said the same thing happened last night in Thamesmead by men in balaclavas and all over south east London.

“How pathetic can you get? Take extra care if you're in McDonalds late at night, my two friends and I were the only ones in there and we honestly thought it was a full blown robbery or something.”

A spokesperson at McDonald's confirmed it had been hit by the spate of robberies: “We are aware of several incidences where promotional materials have been stolen from restaurants.

“Every occurrence is being taken extremely seriously and police have been informed each time. Clear CCTV of those responsible will also be provided where required.”

Amandie Davie posted on Facebook: “My god!!! My son works in one of the McDonalds. Bloody terrifying and for the stupid sticker.

“I asked him his one was done 2 nights ago, seems like they are hitting them all.”