The owner of a “significant eyesore” on Plumstead High Street is facing increased pressure from Greenwich council to clean up the building or face legal action.

The state of the building at 64 Plumstead High Street has drawn extensive criticism from locals over its decrepit image.

Greenwich council had handed letters out to properties on the high street, threatening legal action if the buildings are not cleaned up.

Local MP Teresa Pearce has joined community voices in trying to clean up the dilapidated buildings on the high street.

Mrs Pearce, MP for Erith and Thamesmead, said: “I am pleased that the Council is now taking action over the building on Plumstead High Street which had become a significant eyesore.

“This is a great example of what can be achieved for our area when local residents and the council work together.”

Representatives from the council have, according to Mrs Pearce, visited the property and sent the owner a letter regarding what needs to be done to prevent further council action.

This includes cleaning the building, removing bird droppings and removing the torn net, where dead pigeons are often caught in the netting.

The Plumstead and Abbey Wood Regeneration Committee (PARC) have been fighting for the council to take action on the state of the high street and have called on the council to be more proactive in their communication.

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The group have intent have been pressuring the council into using powers given to them under the Section 215 Town and Country Planning Act of 1990.

The act gives local councils the power to force property owners to clean land when its condition adversely affects the amenity of the area.

Johnny Beverton, spokesperson for PARC, said: “PARC welcomes Teresa Pearce's proactive work regarding improvements to Plumstead High Street. This response from the Chief Executive is another step in the right direction.

“The cleaning of the building and removal of pigeons is a welcome step forward, however this building is also in dire need of significant structural repair and PARC would also like to see this addressed amongst many others along the high street.

“PARC is also calling on Greenwich Council to also be more proactive in their communication with residents regarding their approach to the improvement initiative, especially in regard to building owners on Plumstead High Street.”

Greenwich Council have been contacted for a statement.