A wife-beating taxi driver who called his wife a “witch and a devil” was found guilty of assault.

Marcelinus Obioha, 59, from Plumstead, attacked his wife after arriving home from work on November 23 and he saw she had opened a package of his.

Obioha grabbed her and slapped her repeatedly, yelling “get out of my house, you are a witch and a devil and I am unhappy to be with you”.

When she tried to call the police, he attacked her and slapped her again.

Police interviewed Obioha where he claimed he didn’t do anything, and told police the parcel contained “energy supplements” from China for a friend.

Obioah pleaded not guilty to two charges of assault but was found guilty after a trial.

He was sentenced at Bexley Magistrates’ Court yesterday, March 14, to 120 hours of community service, placed under a restraining order, and to pay £535 in fines.