A woman who bit a police officer missed her bail and was late appearing in court because she couldn’t take her morning bath.

Evezi Erijoh, 53, from Ormanton Road in Sydenham, appeared in Bexley Magistrates Court yesterday, March 14, after being found guilty of three counts of assault.

She missed her bail time and showed up late to court, with her excuse being that her boiler was broken so she couldn’t take her bath.

When told by the court she could face prison for missing her time and why didn’t she call the court beforehand, she said that “the time I could have used calling you I could have been doing something else.”

Erijoh was appearing in court for sentencing after assaulting a social worker and two police officers at a children’s centre in Catford on September 19.

She attacked the social worker Norma Macintosh, knocking the social worker to the ground, tearing her dress and scratching her face and neck.

When police attended the scene later, Erijoh did not comply with the police requests and when they took her pointed umbrella from her, Erijoh attacked the two police officers.

In the ensuing “kerfuffle”, Erijoh bit PC Victoria Powell on the hand and dug her nails in PC Kerry Lynham’s arm, leaving both officers with scars.

Both officers went to hospital afterwards, with PC Powell receiving Hepatitis C and Tetanus jabs.

Erijoh claimed that she was the one who had been attacked but was found guilty at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on February 21.

The court were told that Erijoh had some mental health issues and that she would be vulnerable in prison.

She was sentenced to prison for 12 weeks, suspended for one year, and required to undertake rehabilitation for 20 days.