A Beckenham mum watched her son fight for his life - and now she gets to see him live his dream by competing in televised motorbike races.

Will Caines, 16, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer, known as hepatoblastoma, when he was just two years old and chemotherapy surgery removed 80 per cent of his liver.

Mum Denise Caines, 47, of Upper Elmers End Road, had conversations with hospital staff telling her family to prepare for the worst.

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Will, aged two, in hospital fighting his liver cancer

However, after battling through the disease, Will won races at Brands Hatch on Motor TV, aired on Sky and Virgin, and Mrs Caines could not be prouder.

She told News Shopper: “I was always hopeful that he’d survive because if you give up hope – that’s it. He’s had his older sister who’s stayed by his side.

“There were times when he was in intensive care and he was so crippled that he couldn’t even walk.

“He was very, very ill and I just can’t tell you how proud I am that he’s now doing something that he loves - he’s living his dream.

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Will and mum Denise Caines

“The most difficult time for me was when he was on life-support – we had conversations with hospital staff who told us to prepare for the worst.”

Will has been racing mini motors since he was nine years old and competed at the Brands Hatch course despite fighting the pain of a broken leg.

Mrs Caines, who is training to be a psychotherapist, revealed how her son had to have a metal rod and screw inserted into his leg before the race.

The mum-of-two added: “Will broke his leg last August and he was told three weeks ago that it hadn’t healed properly.

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Will in action

“But, with the same fight that he used to beat his cancer, he didn’t give up and still raced.

“Seeing him go as fast as 100 miles per hour is pretty scary.”

After surviving cancer at such a young age, Will has to have a yearly check-up to ensure he is still in remission.