Asda has spoken out about two mannequins that were purposefully placed in a sexual position by a prankster at its store in Greenhithe.

The display was discovered by a man shopping at the supermarket on Wednesday (March 9).

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The mischievous pair

A female mannequin was spotted leaning over a railing, with her pants down, while a male counterpart stood behind her with his hands on her bum.

Staff at Asda were made aware of this and quickly put them back in their rightful places.

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The fun and games are over...

An Asda spokesman said: “We appreciate a good joke as much as anyone else, but we are a family retailer and expect our mannequins to behave impeccably at all times.”

A mannequin display in Breitling’s store at Bluewater was described as "vile" by a mum-of-two last week.