A woman has blasted a watch retailer for displaying a “vile” mannequin in their shop window at Bluewater.

Kirsty Russell, 42, from Fawkham, was at the Greenhithe shopping complex when she saw the display in the Breitling store.

The blonde female mannequin is perched on top of a fake missile with her underwear on show – something Ms Russell believes has nothing to do with selling watches.

She claims the woman could be mistaken for an inflatable sex doll and that the display is offensive.

Ms Russell told News Shopper: “Breitling must have lost confidence in the quality of their watches to sell themselves and have stooped to this.

News Shopper:

The controversial mannequin in the Breitling store at Bluewater

“Their shop display has a woman sitting on either side of a missile with exaggerated breasts, nipples highlighted by a spotlight and her gusset on show.

“I’m offended and I don’t think a shop window display like this should be at a family shopping centre such as Bluewater – it’s vile.

“The shop window display is needlessly sexist and inappropriate - would Breitling or Bluewater allow this advertising model to be in a shop window if it represented a man? Absolutely not.

“They would not spotlight a man’s enlarged erect penis for us all to see with our children.”

Ms Russell has contacted Bluewater customer services and staff at Breitling but says her complaints have been rebuffed.

Following her alleged rejection, she has started an online petition in an attempt to have the display removed.

The Fawkham parish councillor claims some customers plan to boycott Bluewater for Mother’s Day this weekend.

News Shopper: James Bond's specially modified Breitling Top Time wristwatch used in Thunderball was found at a car boot sale (Christie's/PA)

A Breitling watch

Ms Russell said: “I certainly would not actively prompt a conversation with a young child about the way this woman is portrayed sexually to sell watches. 

“I guess the retailing world shows children this kind of thing over and over again telling them this is what women are meant to look like - it then seeps into their subconscious and does its work there.

“Then we all know a lot of young girls start to hate their own bodies and also start to limit their ambitions from around seven or eight years old, as soon as they become aware of these images.

“Breitling and Bluewater need to show some respect and get rid of it – you will lose nothing by removing it.

“The sexist mannequin is not profiled on the home page for the Breitling website, so why does it have to be in a family shopping centre?”

Breitling, founded in 1884, is known as a family business but Ms Russell went on to brand their mannequin as “tacky and grotesque”.

A Bluewater spokesman said: “We are aware of some customer comments regarding Breitling's store display and the matter is now being dealt with directly by the retailer.”

Breitling declined to comment.