A woman has had to take two weeks off work after staff at a Sidcup car wash allegedly bumped into her vehicle – causing a painful back spasm.

Heather Dockerill, 38, of Albert Road, Bexley, was waiting to have her brand new £15,000 BMW M Sport car cleaned at Prestige Car Valeting in Ruxley Garden Centre on February 1.

While waiting with her handbrake on, she claims a car being moved by a member of staff hit the back of her vehicle – jolting her forward.

News Shopper:

Heather Dockerill

As a result, the ambulance worker has been absent from work for two weeks as she feels she is not physically well enough to do her job.

Ms Dockerill told News Shopper: “I stopped and put my handbrake on when they began to spray my wheels.

“A few seconds later, I heard an almighty revving noise and the worker had rammed straight into the back of me – he shunted me forward.

“I got the details of the driver and the owner of the company said he would pay all the damages to the car, until he found out that we were quoted £2,000 by BMW.

“I am an ambulance worker and I’ve had to take two weeks off work because I’m on such heavy pain killers.

“The jolt of the crash was so sudden. I went to work on a night shift but realised that I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly as I was in so much pain.”

Ms Dockerill has a spasm in her back and is currently taking diazepam and codeine to ease her discomfort.

Her partner went back to the car wash last Thursday (February 11) to ask the owner to pay for the damage but he allegedly refused.

News Shopper:

The mum-of-two admits the car wash fiasco has left her cursing her luck.

She added: “The situation has left me completely distraught. Not that it matters, but I’ve always had rubbish cars and I was finally able to get a nice BMW.

“I can’t believe I’m now having to fight this company for something that they should be paying for.

“I seem to be cursed with cars – my friend has said the same to me before. I’ve never been the cause of any accidents, it’s just been bad luck.”

Ms Dockerill only bought her BMW convertible six weeks ago.

A spokesman for Prestige Car Valeting said: “The car that hit the woman was three yards away.

“When they came back with their quote, all I asked for was a second opinion. They refused to get another one. But, I’ve always said we will pay the damage.”