There was carnage on Bromley High Street after a man allegedly sunk a knife into his brother's neck in front of horrified shoppers. 

The man, 39, was knifed along the busy high street outside McDonald’s yesterday morning (February 9).

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) attended the scene after being called to reports of an assault just before 11.30am. 

A spokesman confirmed they sent multiple resources and treated a man who was rushed as a priority to hospital. 


He has been released from hospital. 


News Shopper:

A man being treated at the scene 

A spokesman for the Met confirmed one man was arrested by officers after have-a-go heroes stopped the attacker fleeing the scene. 

He is currently in custody at a south London police station. 

Louisa Ricketts, a junior hairdresser, told News Shopper: "We were sitting here, we just heard shouting. 

"We went outside and there was blood on the floor.  

"A man with a towel on his head was on the floor, then we saw - I don't know if he was a security guard or a lorry driver - was on top of the boy and he had a knife in his hand. 

"It was quite a big knife, a kitchen knife. The man who was holding the boy down so he did not get away had it in his hand. 

"They were brothers, he stabbed his brother in the head, over a TV apparently."

Ms Ricketts, who works in nearby salon Hectik, added: "The lady who was screaming was their mum.

"There was lots of blood everywhere, it was quite scary. At first I thought someone had been run over. 

"That's how we knew it was their mum, she was talking to them because she was in shock, she wasn't injured. 

"It has made me more worried and more aware of how people can be round this area. 

"I'll still go to McDonald's though."

Rachel Martin, team leader at neighbouring restaurant Benito's Hat, said: "Someone told me two fellas were fighting with knives.

"I saw a man on the floor bleeding from the head and a woman was crying.

"Nothing like this has ever happened before, I didn't see anything happen here. 

"He was conscious, two paramedics took him to the ambulance. He was conscious but bleeding from the head."

She added the eatery was forced to close for about 30 minutes after the attack. 

News Shopper:

A woman, thought to be the parent, after the attack

Ms Martin continued: "The woman was crying and sitting on a chair. 

"McDonald's put out a chair out for her. Paramedics and McDonald's staff were helping her. 

"It's never happened here, Bromley is usually really quiet."

The McDonald's restaurant has been forced to shut after the incident. 

A spokesman said: "The incident did not take place within McDonald's but we are assisting the police in their enquiries in any way that we can.

"We can confirm that we have provided our CCTV footage to them."

Bon Marche assistant manager, Elango Kanesamoorthy, added they only realised something was wrong when crowds gathered outside the store. 

He said: "I saw a guy there with a bandage round his head. 

"I go to there, today I was planning to go there. It's not something you expect to happen. 

"There was that guy with the machete and the bomb scare, and now this. 

"It's a bit worrying, you never expect it in Bromley. 

"I'm from Lewisham and in Lewisham it makes sense." 

Staff at Lloyds TSB immediately locked the doors -  with customers inside - when they heard about the stabbing. 

They reopened shortly afterwards. 

News Shopper:

Rachel Martin

Passerby Laura Gooderham, 18, told News Shopper: "I just came out of the shopping centre and was walking along, heard loads of police sirens.

"You could see blood on the pavement. Ambulances and police vans everywhere, it was crazy."

A McDonald's customer, who did not wish to be named, said they were kept inside the store for about 45 minutes, before being led out the back. 

The 42-year-old woman said: "I saw two men fighting, the younger one had a knife, he was trying to stab the older one.

"In between them the lady was trying to keep hold, but she lost her grip, she was trying to pull him back.

"He stabbed the older one in the face, then the older one tried to get up and run into McDonald's and he put the knife into the back of his neck. 

"It looked like a kitchen knife. It was a sharp knife. There was lots and lots of blood."

Transport for London (TfL) confirmed the street, at its junction with Church Road, was shut off due a ‘police incident’.

Bus routes 208, 227, 320, 357 and 358 were on diversion. 

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