Dartford High Street has been used as the set for a bizarre video in which a prankster sets fire to someone, before explaining "it's just a prank".

In the 30-second clip posted online, the joker, who appears to go by the name of Discoboy-Lee Marshall, runs up behind someone walking along the high street before setting their jacket alight.

After being told "it's just a prank" the victim, who judging from their reaction seems to be in on the pre-planned joke, laughs it off before asking "what's this for?".

"Just like YouTube video mate", replies the prankster.

"Sweet mate", says the man who was engulfed in a fireball just seconds earlier.

After being posted online by The Lad Bible, the video has been shared more than 2,000 times.

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But some commenters have slammed the video for being a pre-planned stunt.

One Facebook user wrote: "Surely these vids all over Facebook these days are 'sketches' and not 'pranks'? If both members are acting and in on it, no one's being pranked surely?"

Another said: "Most stupidest prank ever!! Who in their right mind would say "no worries have a great day after just nearly being burnt alive!!?"