Police were called out to Lewisham by an irate husband – whose wife had hidden his keys.

Lewisham MPS tweeted just before 5am this morning (January 7) that they were called out to a most unusual incident.


It transpired a man had phoned 999 after his wife had hidden his set of keys, stopping him from leaving the house and going to work.

But, after the boys in blue turned up at the door, the seething wife apparently dug the keys out of their hiding place and handed them back over.

One of the better excuses for the boss as to why you’re late.

But people were quick to both question and defend the police’s actions.

Many thought it was clearly a ‘waste of police time’, but others pointed out that only occurs when someone has actually lied.

Presumably the man – and it is unclear what he did to evoke such wrath – was able to get to work eventually.

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