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Bromley Council backs Biggin Hill Airport longer hours - as it happened

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    - Special full council meeting at 7pm in the Civic Centre's Great Hall where Bromley councillors will debate whether to allow Biggin Hill Airport longer operating hours
  • - Bromley Council's executive will make the final decision immediately after the debate, also in the Great Hall


goldenbroomboy 7:42am Thu 26 Nov 15
So Dear Stephen, having shot his mouth off a couple of months ago by saying that he thinks that Wibil's plan is "very exciting", and admitting at this meeting that he does "......not have first hand knowledge" now gives his casting vote in favour. Oh WHAT a surprise.
Score: 11
Briancooeorp Replying goldenbroomboy 8:47am Thu 26 Nov 15
No casting vote was used, by Cllr Carr or anyone. Don't deceive
Score: 6
goldenbroomboy Replying Briancooeorp 8:56am Thu 26 Nov 15
If votes are tied, the Chairman gives the casting vote. That is what happened here. Of course the long standing convention in this country is that if there is no majority for change, the Chair votes in favour of the status quo, but the man who does not wear protective headgear on a building site broke with convention & voted in favour of change instead.
Score: 6
Briancooeorp Replying goldenbroomboy 9:29am Thu 26 Nov 15
Now you lie. There was no tied vote and no casting vote was needed or used. You must be a clear anti because many of them are liars and it's clearly infective.
Score: 7
mainman 11:26pm Wed 25 Nov 15
Why are you consulting ALL of Bromley, many will have NO contact with Biggin Hill. You havnt consulted me. I live in Bexleyheath, under the flight path to Biggin Hill.
Score: 8
Briancooeorp Replying mainman 8:45am Thu 26 Nov 15
You could have replied to the consultation. It was widely advertised and open to all not just Bromley residents.
Score: 7
Harold Larwood Replying Briancooeorp 9:05am Thu 26 Nov 15
Yes, but as I recall the consultation document was heavily skewed. Tick here if you're a go-ahead sensible person who'd like this to happen. Or tick here if you're a halfwit who'd like to throw away all those nice jobs and silent running planes.
Score: 6
Gypo.Joe 11:33pm Wed 25 Nov 15
I hate to tell you this...... but told ya so. Money talks... bull$hit walks.
Score: 1
Harold Larwood 8:15am Thu 26 Nov 15
Bad decision, but great rolling news coverage from NS. So the majority who aren't under the flight paths heap more misery on those who are - nice.
Score: 13
Briancooeorp 8:53am Thu 26 Nov 15
Great decision. Good news for the Borough, for the economy, for Britian and most importantly for all residents including those under the flight path. The deal involves less noise, better flight routings, less overall flights, quieter ground running and much better monitoring. It's Win Win Win. What's more disturbing is that 25 Councillors (all Conservative) choose to vote against (22) or abstain(3). Do they not want the borough to prosper?
Score: 5
goldenbroomboy Replying Briancooeorp 8:59am Thu 26 Nov 15
Perhaps they don't want the borough bricked over & polluted with noise? PS What is "Britian"?
Score: 8
watcher65 11:31am Thu 26 Nov 15
A flawed survey, bussed in rent-a-mob by BHAL, and no doubt money changing hands somewhere. Bromley Council up to their usual tricks that will no doubt be repeated with the current review of Library provision.
Score: 6
Gypo.Joe Replying watcher65 11:38am Thu 26 Nov 15
The old brown envelope trick, it works every time. You could of bet your bollix this was always going to pass.
Score: 1
[deleted] 2:06pm Thu 26 Nov 15
Score: 0
GSAndy 4:36pm Thu 26 Nov 15
As a resident of Biggin Hill who has lived within 400 yds of the end of the runway for over 30 years I am quite happy with the new proposals. When I moved here I did notice the airport and expected some noise. In practice I rarely hear aircraft so I don't see the odd aircraft movement earlier or later making any difference. The possibility of extra jobs ensuring a future thriving community probably will be noticed though.

Last edited: 3:09pm Wed 2 Dec 15

Score: 1
goldenbroomboy Replying GSAndy 6:46pm Thu 26 Nov 15
Erm, this may come as a shock to you, but aircraft don't just fly over places near the runway, they fly over other peoples homes several miles away as well. You chose to live near the airport, the rest of us did not.
Score: 1
ReCon 1:16pm Fri 27 Nov 15
Thank goodness this is over. Now residents can get some long-overdue improvements and safeguards. For too long Flightpath has stirred up residents into shouting a noisy "NO" to any Lease changes - even when it became clear that the Lease was failing to protect residents and that ONLY a re-negotiated Lease could provide residents with better protection. The new Lease is supposed to have at least 18 new clauses dealing with things like: - Actual flightpath - Limiting noisy and large jets - Installing noise-monitoring equipment - Managing passenger numbers - Differential fees/penalties for larger or noisier aircraft And, as reported by the NS, Councillors debated the level of fines for breaches such as arriving late. Currently there is nothing worse than a stern letter from the Council !!! As long as the new controls are applied, then hopefully fewer people will "notice" the Airport at all.

Last edited: 3:09pm Wed 2 Dec 15

Score: 1

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