A group of swans have been spotted shopping in Thamesmead.

The trio were eyed in the Morrisons carpark, in Canon Retail Park, by Sue Mann who snapped a series of photos.

Ms Mann said: "I didn't realise how big mum swan was until I was next to her. Gorgeous birds that is for sure."

The birds are believed to be a family, and it seems mum took the two cygnets for a trip to the supermarket.

Their thoughts on the 5p plastic bag charge are unknown but it's possible they were protesting its introduction.

Or perhaps they got lost looking for clothes shop Peacocks up the road.


Not the first time winged creatures have frequented that part of town, eagle-eyed residents also noted some herons were spotted going to KFC earlier this year.

Jane Gate posted online: “Word must be getting about in the bird community.”

Others thought the birds were doing their weekly shop. 

But fellow resident Ella Stuart seemed to shed some light on the real reason they were at the shops: breakfast.

She posted: “A member of staff comes out with a loaf of bread, and has walked them back to the lake.

"In the summer the whole family was there 8 of them, so lovely.”