The Dartford Tunnel got some unexpected attention after Celebrity Big Brother's Stevie Ritchie used it for an unusual comparison.

The former X-Factor contestant is currently starring in Channel 5's CBB with fiancée Chloe-Jasmine Whichello.

Also a veteran of X-Factor, the love birds went into the house as one person and will be voted off as a pair.

But after a very unusual conversation, involving the Dartford Tunnel, his future wife was less than impressed with her man.

In Sunday's (September 20) episode while taking part in a task fellow housemates James Hill and Jenna Jameson were discussing penis sizes.


Ms Jameson, an adult film star, was asked what was ideal in the bedroom and replied: “I think small is like four inches, erm average is six to eight, eight is good but over that is fantastic.”

As she was talking, Ms Whichello looks over at her husband-to-be and laughed.

This prompted him to shout: “What are you looking at me for? Mine's not four!

“Babe I might have got four inches but it’s like going through Dartford Tunnel going through you."

He later added he was 'joking'.

But his other half is less than impressed and accused him of being disrespectful, claiming she was laughing at the conversation.

His comments have sparked an outpouring on social media.