A professional sex toy tester from Bexley is at the climax of her career, after eight years in the industry.

Karleen Howden, from Joydens Wood, tests two to three toys a week as part of her job with the Ann Summers buying team.

Her responsibilities include advising the lingerie company about product development of toys such as vibrators and nipple stimulators - assessing the quality of material, speed and rotation levels.

The 30-year-old told News Shopper: "Everybody has sex, so it shouldn’t be a subject people are scared to talk about.

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"I am a very open person - I think it’s best people talk honestly about sex toys because otherwise you will be selling rubbish toys and no one will buy them."

A candid Miss Howden has passed playthings on to friends and even her mum for feedback.

She added: "I do not think there is an upper age limit to using sex toys.

"I have been brought up with five sisters and a brother - we are all open about sex and about relationships.

"I have passed on sex toys to my mum or sisters.

"There is no taboo about it as far as I am concerned."

Miss Howden's boyfriend Desi Marjolin, 39, is equally supportive of her erotic career choice - and helps her test male and couple's toys.

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The tester said: "He thinks it’s fantastic and is very supportive about what I do as a living.

"It’s great that we can use sex toys."

Miss Howden believes sex toys should enhance a relationship, even when it comes to solo pleasuring.

She added: "With masturbation, everybody does it - whether you admit that to your partner or not."

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The Rabbit fan has never had a negative reaction to her job, and has been inundated with people asking for advice and information.

She said: "It is not a shy subject for most people.

"It’s changed my views - I did not realise how open people are about sex toys, it’s great."



The new Moregasm range is now available in Ann Summers stores.

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