A Thamesmead gunman was captured on infra-red CCTV after shooting dead a West End clubber, a court heard today (July 14)
Danny Walker, 33, of Haldane Road, and Gavin Allen, 32, allegedly blasted 31 year-old Hassan Mohammed Omer Isman six times using firearms smuggled into the Avalon venue on Shaftesbury Avenue.
Partygoers cowered in terror and rushed for the stairs as Allen and Walker fled across the darkened dance floor with their guns, jurors heard.
Mr Isman, who had been seen waving money around earlier that night, managed to crawl down the stairs to get help but bled to death on the way to hospital.
CCTV footage revealed that the victim made a comment to Walker moments before he was lured out of shot of the camera and blasted at the 2013 Christmas party, the court heard.
Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC told jurors: "It does not matter who fired the fatal shots, nor is it necessary for the prosecution to seek to explain why this happened and prove a motive.
"People kill each other for reasons linked to criminality which may be kept from investigators and it would be a failing in the law if they were not held accountable simply because the prosecution cannot establish why they did it."
Mr Badenoch said that a number of people at the scene including the victim have been accused or convicted of violent offences involving firearms.
Walker has two previous convictions for of handling loaded firearms, jurors heard.
The pair had arrived at 11.30pm and were seen drinking, laughing and joking with a group of friends at the top of the stairs.
Mr Badenoch said the CCTV footage suggested Walker had a bulge at the top of his trousers caused by a firearm.
Describing the shooting, Mr Badenoch said: "The crowd suddenly scatters, no doubt responding to the first of the gunshots and people begin cowering and running away.
"A few seconds after the shooting has started Walker and Allen can be seen appearing back on the screen and they both go quickly down the stairs holding firearms."
Mr Isman, from Poplar, was given first aid at the scene but was later pronounced dead in hospital. 
Walker and Allen, of no fixed address, both deny murder.
The trial continues.