An Orpington dominatrix has defended her secret fetish dungeon offering caning, spanking and bondage after neighbours complained to police.

Quietly operating in the Knoll area as The Dungeon Manor, the play space takes bookings on the internet before directing clients to a house where they can be blackmailed, restrained or humiliated for their pleasure.

From the outside it is a large, detached home on a quiet, leafy street but inside is a thriving fetish establishment, which boasts on the internet of offering "a comfortable and convenient domestic setting for play, filming and photography".

Neighbours have complained to the police and News Shopper over its existence with some claiming to have heard "whipping" and "screaming" coming from the address.

But the dungeon’s operator, a dominatrix and former pastry chef known as ‘Mistress Evilyne’, said the business is legal, she is registered with the HMRC and no sexual services are offered.

News Shopper:

Inside The Dungeon Manor

The 31-year-old told News Shopper: "People come to us for their fantasies, there are fetishists who are people who are into certain, specific things - it can be anything from being put into a tub of baked beans to watching a woman smoke a cigarette with leather gloves.

"Then there are submissive men, men who aren’t actually alpha males but in real life feel that they have this obligation to portray this alpha male mentality.

"All they really want is to just be of service to a lady, whether that’s making tea, polishing our shoes. Imagine a man servant.

"They come to us so, they can live that out."

The former Exeter University student, who has been a dominatrix for two years, explained concerned residents were welcome to visit for a cup of tea and see inside the house for themselves.

News Shopper:

Mistress Evilyne

She said: "People are very uneasy about things they don’t understand.

"Even me, before being a dominatrix, I was completely what you’d call vanilla.

"I’d never considered even going to a fetish party because I always thought it looked very dark and dingy. And actually, it’s not at all like that.

"It’s like hippies with leather.

"I think people are scared that it’s sex, that it’s sleazy, that it’s something dangerous or whatever. That it’s going to bring a bad name to the neighbourhood."

One neighbour, who asked not be named, said: "We have been very concerned given the number of guests and friends that regularly visit the property at all hours of the day and night.

"Large amounts of camera equipment and lighting have been observed entering the property and we have tried turning a blind eye to the goings on at the property until now.

"In more recent times the sounds of whipping and screaming have been heard outside the front of the address.

"That we now have a BDSM working dungeon and slave quarters in our leafy little street in Orpington has really shocked us all."

News Shopper:

Inside The Dungeon Manor

He added staff at the nearby Knoll Orpington Lawn Tennis Club had written to the police with concerns.

A tennis club spokesman told News Shopper: "We host Crofton School for coaching and we are concerned the children might be exposed to something that they shouldn’t see at their age.

"Is it legal? That’s all we want to know."

News Shopper understands the police have not found any evidence of illegal activity at the address.

The Dungeon Manor, which is kitted out with shackles and leather, is available to hire for couples and professionals and can be rented out for filming and photography.

As a dominatrix, ‘Mistress Evilyne’ offers over 50 different services and you can even save up for your "dream session" by visiting her website’s Dungeon Manor Fantasy Fund Page.

Services include 24-hour domination, shoe worship, bondage, caning, human ashtray, dinner and domination, ear pulling, food play, hard sports, water sports, shopping trips, pinching and public humiliation.

Prices range from around £200 for one hour to £1200 for an overnight stay and unlimited play.

Are you a resident who has been affected? Call the news desk on 01689 885726 or email