A mystery, crime-fighting vigilante clad in combat trousers and a muscle top, who rescued a city worker from a mugging, has been dubbed the ‘Bromley Batman’.

The masked crusader leapt into action in Bromley, rescuing a man from a gang who were trying to rob him at knifepoint, the Evening Standard reported on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the newspaper reported two more sightings of the alleged superhero, one in nearby Penge and another in Lewisham.

One woman said she was mugged by a young, 6 ft, ‘growling’ thug with a shaved head near Lewisham DLR station about four months ago.

The victim said the mugger tried to grab her bag and ‘didn’t speak but made an angry growling sound’.

"As he pulled my bag away from me it was a horrible emotion of feeling sick to the stomach," she told the Evening Standard.

"The force behind it was actually painful."

As the woman’s attacker made to run off, a tall man, in his early 30s, with a covered face but visible, ‘well-groomed’ beard and deep voice tripped him up and grabbed the stolen bag.

Another man, from Penge, claims he saw the ‘Bromley Batman’ when he was walking home from a night out with friends.

The anonymous hero allegedly broke up a fight between a group of men, putting one of them into a ‘ninja lock’.

But is the ‘Bromley Batman’ just trying to impersonate fellow south Londoner Derrick Trotter from Only Fools and Horses when he and brother Rodney unknowingly came to the rescue of a mugging victim? Or is it something more?

If you’ve had an experience involving the Bromley Batman, call the news desk on 01689 885726 or email harriet.collier@london.newsquest.co.uk.