A forager in Catford thinks he’s found the ‘world’s biggest mushroom’ and is hoping to get it credited.

Simon Seymou, 70, from Newquay Road, describes himself as a “mushroom enthusiast” and found the giant toadstool in woodland between Bromley and Beckenham.

The former tailor, originally from Cyprus, said it weighs 7kg and has been in touch with the Guinness World Records team.

News Shopper:

He told News Shopper: “It’s an amazing mushroom. I’m very excited. It’s huge, seriously.

“I love mushrooms – I’m a forager and I’m always in the woods. This one is the biggest I’ve found by far.

“A few years ago I saw one that was 5kg and people said they’d never seen anything like it at the time – this is much larger.”

News Shopper:

Mr Symeou is waiting to find out about whether his discovery really is the biggest in the world.

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