The realistic aim for Crystal Palace should always be to finish at least 17th every year in the Premier League – and this is exactly where they have placed in a table to find the division’s most unfaithful fans.

A total of 4,728 top-flight supporting members of extramarital dating site responded to a survey to discover how many times a year they played away from their partners.

And although the Eagles’ average score of 1.62 doesn’t exactly set the Premier League table of infidelity alight, it does keep Palace up in 17th place ahead of Burnley (1.55), Stoke (1.37) and QPR (0.51).

If your other half is a regular at Loftus Road then you can probably trust them more than most, which is more than can be said for followers of west London rivals Chelsea (4.04) who top the league of sleaze ahead of Liverpool (3.81).

Manchester United may not have qualified for the Champions League but their score of 3.66 was enough to secure a third-place finish ahead of Southampton (3.52).

Newcastle, who are managed by former Charlton boss Alan Pardew, just missed out on the top four with an average unfaithful fan score of 3.45 times a year.

The full Premier League table of love rats and the average number of times they cheat a year is:

1 Chelsea 4.04
2 Liverpool 3.81
3 Manchester United 3.66
4 Southampton 3.52
5 Newcastle United 3.45
6 Arsenal 3.24
7 Manchester City 2.89
8 Tottenham 2.73
9 Everton 2.56
10 Swansea City 2.36
11 Aston Villa 2.27
12 Sunderland 2.12
13 Hull City 2.03
14 Leicester City 1.97
15 West Ham United 1.79
16 West Bromwich Albion 1.74
17 Crystal Palace 1.62
18 Burnley 1.55
19 Stoke City 1.37
20 Queens Park Rangers 0.51 spokesman Christoph Kraemer said: “Our survey clearly shows the correlation between the football team supported, and the amount of times a year they cheat.

“You can sleep more soundly if your husband or wife supports QPR.”