Bromley College has joined in the Ice Bucket Challenge craze, with senior members of staff getting a soaking for charity.

After head of academy for sport Lee Cooper got his drenching on Monday he nominated colleagues Andrew Slade and David Lambert.

The two leadership team members took the challenge on Tuesday to rapturous applause and cheering from students, staff and visitors as buckets of freezing water containing a kilo of ice cubes were poured over them.

Mr Slade, vice-principal for curriculum and quality, said "I knew I couldn't back out of the challenge, not only is it raising money for MND - a fantastic cause, but it would have let down so many eager colleagues who were desperate to watch. I am getting my own back by nominating whole departments!"

Mr Lambert, director for vocational studies, said: "I was shown the hit figures for the video on our Facebook page, and they are the highest ever! I never realised how unpopular I was.”

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