I thought I’d do a pub crawl down Lee High Road – ha, ha. With the rate pubs are closing down, you’ve got two hopes...

Anyway having passed the dark and boarded up Dirty South (probably a good job this did go!) and then the equally dark Woodman (doors closed with Sellotape) I trekked on and on, spitting sand, until I reached the aptly named Ramblers Bar.

Would this prove a true oasis on this bar barren stretch of Lewisham road?

The side entrance had two doors but only one was open, so I turned sideways and slipped into the bar a little more speedily than I intended – what an entrance.

Was it worth the effort? In a word, yes.

The barmaid was not only warm and welcoming but happy to chat - a real character.

It seems the Rambles has only been in existence for about a year – previously it was the Swan.

Well, I say change is a good thing and I liked this one from the start.

There’s an open mic night fortnightly on a Tuesday and my friendly barmaid says now the comedy team are back from their summer in Edinburgh the comedy night will be back up and running.

However, it was at this point in the proceedings the real impromptu comedy began.

Three ladies, and I hope they won’t mind me saying this, particularly well endowed in the rear quarters, very nearly failed the test of the single open door.

A certain amount of manoeuvring and they all made it through, a little bit like corks popping out of a bottle - I wouldn’t have missed this moment of comedy gold for the world.

They wanted to book the back function room, but I assume it must be popular as unfortunately the date they wanted was taken. Sadly they left by the much wider front door.

Other than this the Rambles perhaps has what you would expect round here, a pool table in the back, a fruitie, nice green sofas – Guinness, Stella, Beck and Boddies on draft, but nothing else.

My drinking partner said the white wine and soda was excellent, so that kept her happy.

The background music was your plink, plink piana stuff, but it was at the right volume and very pleasant. There are assorted sporting photographs and the loos were clean and fresh-smelling, even the gents.

All in all, The Rambles Bar is a winner.

Oh, one last thing, on the chalkboard above the bar it says happy hour is 4pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday.

Well, actually it’s changed as the bar is now closed on a Monday. Happy hours are is in fact Tuesday to Friday. The barmaid says she’s just too short to be bothered re-chalking the board.

Yes, I loved everything about this one.

Rambles Bar, 207 Lee high Road, Lewisham

Decor: **** (like a bar should be, but they’ve made an effort)

Drink: *** (on draught it is what it is, wine was good though)

Price: ***** (good, Stella, white wine and soda and a large coke £7.50)

Atmosphere:  ** (very quiet this Wednesday evening)

Staff: ***** (top of the class, a delight)