Three hairless puppies have been found abandoned in a car park in Biggin Hill.

The pups, said to be in a "terrible state", were found this morning (September 3) in a box in the car park of Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Jail Lane.

The animal sanctuary, which is already bursting at the seams, has taken them into its care.

Debra Taylor, Foal Farm's manager, said: "The three puppies were dumped in our car park and are in a terrible state.

"They were rushed immediately to our vet, who said they haven't seen such a bad medical case such as these puppies for a long time.

"They haven't got a hair between them as they are suffering from mange.

"They are all running a high temperature, covered in sores and clearly have worms.

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She added: "As this can be hereditary, their mum has probably passed this on to her pups and, as mange is not apparent when the pups are born, it's probable that their siblings were sold before the hair loss.

"This is yet another example of irresponsible breeding, with the litter probably being sold on the internet with these three unable to be sold.

"The pictures are shocking but need to be seen - we, yet again, would urge people not to purchase puppies from internet sites and rescue instead."

Just this morning Foal Farm has received, without prior warning, three puppies, a cockerel, two rabbits and an unneutered cat.

In the past week, the cat team have taken in 16 cats which has included five kittens being born.

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If you are able to donate towards the huge cost towards getting these puppies back to health, please donate by ringing 01959 572386 or by visiting Foal Farm's website

Alternatively send a cheque to this address: Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3AX. Quote 'pups' with your donation.