An arts festival will give a voice to older people, exploring stories and exploding stereotypes of the 10million people aged over 65 in the UK.

Bold will run nationwide – in Bradford, Stockton on Tees and Deptford – from September 16 to 27 with a range of performances, events and workshops for and by older people with the aim of looking beyond the label ‘old age’.

Inspired by the The Albany’s Meet Me at the Albany weekly events for older folk, Deptford will host the London leg with 10 shows across the 11 days.

Home Sweet Home between September 23 and 27, which is a heart-warming theatre show with live singing and dancing that is based on the true stories taken from interviews with more than 200 people in care homes in each of the three host towns.

Other Deptford highlights include Bed - a free street event from 11am on September 17 and 19 on  performed by a 70-year-old woman in the streets of Deptford about the space in between waking and sleep.

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