A science fiction Victoriana-style craze is being celebrated across the Erith marshland next month complete with shark racing and tea duelling.

The events will include free guided tours, self-guided tours, boat trips and a festival known as a convivial - all  happening on September 28. 

There will be a guided talk taking people from Abbey Wood Station which will take in the Ancient Lesnes Abbey ruins to the front door of the Pumping Station.

Boat trips will be launching from Woolwich Arsenal passenger jetty at 9am, arriving in time for the Steampunk Convivial at the Crossness Pumping Station in Belvedere Road.

The Convivial will include a trader's market, exhibitors, tea duelling, umbrella fencing, shark racing and live music.

Steampunk is a type of science fiction which is set in an alternative Victorian period and features steam-powered machinery.

Visit totallythames.org/events or crossnessconvivial.co.uk