A roofer from Gravesend has set his heights even higher - producing images of his home town from 300 feet in the air.

Colin Bath, aged 43 of Wingfield Road posts videos and pictures of Gravesend taken from 300ft in the air - much to the delight of resident and photo enthusiasts.

Mr Bath snapped the impressive footage using a Go-Pro camera rigged onto a QuadCopter - a drone-type device used to take aerial photos.

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Despite Mr Bath only taking up photography six months ago the videos, which have been posted on YouTube, show amazing footage as the camera skirts the banks of the Thames with Tilbury power station in the background before making a turn over Denton Wharf.

Mr Bath, who has lived in Gravesend his entire life, said: "I just got into photography when I got a Go-Pro camera then I found out I could get a 'copter to put it on I decided to try and see what sort of footage I could get.

"It's amazing what you can do nowadays - a few years ago this sort of kit would have cost thousands of pounds."

Mr Bath's pictures and videos have received fantastic feedback online.

He added: "I joined the Facebook group 'Gravesenders' - they have over a thousand members and a lot of them really seem to like them.

"It's just a new fad for me really but it's interesting to see what sort of footage I get when it comes down."