My five-month-old puppy has started to chew everything in the house.

She will chew things in front of us and even though we tell her off, she carries on.

We have tried to take things away from her but she always finds something to chew. Will she grow out of it?

Chewing can be very common among young dogs, writes Bromley-based animal behaviour expert Sophie Marriott of canine behaviour consultancy Endless Pawsibilities.

It can begin as an exploratory behaviour and without appropriate correction it may develop into a frequent habit.

It is also likely that your puppy is teething and seeks relief by chewing objects.

Check with the vet to rule out nutritional deficiencies but, provided it is not, remove any objects which the puppy may chew.

As this is not always feasible, you may also consider the use of a crate.

Try to use positive reinforcement and provide treats, which will encourage the chewing but direct this away from the furniture.

You can also purchase a pet and furniture friendly prevention sprays. This spray is normally a very unpleasant taste for the puppy, which will hopefully deter further chewing.

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