A Bromley woman who was suffering from symptoms attributed to her pregnancy for nearly two years actually had bowel cancer.

Janine Pearce, 34, of Hilldrop Road, Bromley, was pregnant when she went to her GP suffering with undiagnosed symptoms.

At the time they were dismissed as nothing serious and were thought to be related to her pregnancy.

Following the birth of her daughter Indie, Ms Pearce continued to suffer with the symptoms but, even after several visits to her GP, she was repeatedly told it was nothing to worry about.

Eight months after giving birth she was rushed to Lewisham hospital when she was violently sick. She was diagnosed with bowel cancer

She was sent to St Thomas’ hospital for surgery to remove a tumour and underwent eight months of chemotherapy.

Ms Pearce said: "It was a tough time for all of us but it was Indie who got me through it. She was my inspiration."

Six months after completing chemotherapy Ms Pearce took part in a 26 mile charity walk to raise money for cancer research. She sadly lost her father to a brain tumour two days later.                  

She is currently in training for a second Shine marathon.

She said: "Last time, there was a brilliant atmosphere and the volunteers around the course did an excellent job of spurring us on and offering help if we needed it, along with Deep Heat and Jelly Babies. 

"The first half was the hardest, but after that, we knew the end was in sight and we weren’t going to give up."