Residents working to see a cinema return to Crystal Palace are calling for public memories of times past.

They will be used to boost the Picture Palace Campaign (PPC), which is supported by swatches of celebrities, locals, and councillors, all eager to see the community enjoy movies in Crystal Palace once more.  

The site in question is 25 Church Road, a venue - by then a Gala Bingo hall - sold to charity Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in 2009.

But the building has been left vacant after KICC’s plans were turned down by Bromley Council, PPC says.

PPC is now in its fifth year and is looking for people who spent time watching films at Church Road to feature on its new website.

Organisers of the campaign say: "Cinema can evoke powerful memories, freeze-framing moments in our lives and dropping us back into a time, a place or social situation."

The likes of Bromley’s pop star Pixie Lott, singer Florence Welch, and actor Paddy Consandine have all come out in favour of the project.

Last year ‘Cinema for Crystal Palace Limited’ (CFCP) was set up and is owned by local residents and traders. Many feel a picture house would provide a local economic and social boost to the area. 

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