Foreign tourists visiting London will have two things high up on their hit lists: go to a pub and get fish and chips.

At the Spanish Galleon, you can do both.

‘So what?’ I hear you holler, you can get fish and chips at most pubs.

Well, yeah, you can. But what makes the Spanish Galleon different is it actually has a proper counter and fryers out the front like a chippy and you can take them away.

So it’s kind of both which, when you’re yards from the Cutty Sark in the heart of maritime Greenwich, must be quite the draw.

There’s a regular menu with more traditional pub fare too.

The Spanish Galleon is a Shepherd Neame pub, so that means you get some decent beers from the Kent brewer’s stable, including Spitfire, Asahi and Whitstable Bay’s Blonde and Pale Ale.

For Greenwich, it’s not too pricey either as £4 a pint for the Whitstable Bay Blonde.

The interior of the pub, as the name suggests, is nautical inspired with a ship’s wheel and other old paraphernalia from the high seas but it’s all a bit tired.

Extensive wood panelling in one half was presumably supposed to replicate a ship’s cabin but, as far as I was concerned, was drab.

The seating in the other half was much more pleasant.

Of an evening, the pub was both literally and figuratively dim – with underpowered lighting reflecting the flat atmosphere which I guess pubs in tourist areas occasionally have to cope with.

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich Church Street

How it rated:

Decor** Half right
Atmosphere** Flat

Staff*** Nice enough

Drink**** A good selection

Price*** Good for Greenwich