Lewisham’s borough commander will be taking part in a programme in India to help train national police officers starting Tuesday.

The five-week schedule will see Chief Superintendant Russell Nyman passing his 29 years of experience onto police in Hydrabad, south India, with the help of officers from Australia.

Chief Superintendent Nyman said: "This is an excellent opportunity for me to promote the work of the Metropolitan Police Service to my international colleagues and talk about how we police in London and in particular Lewisham.

We do have a large Asian community in Lewisham and in particular an Indian population of approximately 2,000 people. I am looking forward to understanding how they police in very challenging circumstances and most importantly to learn and understand the Indian culture further."

During his extensive career, Chief Superintendant Nyman has been seconded to other forces in England as well as other countries including Los Angeles Police Department while working for Kent Police.

While in the USA he identified the use of predictive policing – using analytical techniques to identify potential offenders based on algorithms – which has been described as a revolutionary innovation of stopping crime before it starts by the media.

As a result, this law enforcement technique was brought back to Kent where it was introduced.

Having also policed in Cyprus, going to India will mean he has experienced policing on three continents.

Superintendant Neil Evans will take up the role of borough commander in his absence.