The MET is launching a new campaign in Bromley to send a message to local communities.

Posters are being put up in sites such as rail stations, bus stops, and phone boxes to “let people know” what police officers are doing to tackle crime in their area.

The initiative, trialled in Bromley before being rolled out in Greenwich, Lewisham, Lambeth, Croydon and elsewhere over an eight week period, will feature posters covering widescale and localised issues.

Police said research shows public confidence in the police remains low and the neighbourhood focus comes with the aim of helping people better communicate with officers.

In total, 15 boroughs will see the messages displayed on their streets and will run for two weeks at a time.

It comes after Bromley Council worked with the Bromley police to close a crack house in Pawleyne Close, Penge.

Alongside police, the Department of Work and Pensions, and housing group Affinity Sutton, the council is currently working on a four-year programme to cut drug use.

Operation Crystal, which also combats environmental crime and anitsocial behaviour, is concentrating on the most deprived communities in Bromley.

Executive member for public protection and safety Councillor Tim Stevens said the crack house discovery was not commonplace but more has to be done.

He said: “Bromley Council is determined this borough remains a safe place to live and work and issues such as this are a rare occurrence.

“Operation Crystal is proving very successful and continues to send a clear message to anybody considering committing offences that their behaviour will not be tolerated.”